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Roundtable Series 2

Roundtable Series 2

Science Interactive Roundtable Series:
Virtual Labs Aren’t The Answer

Virtual labs have seen an increase over the years as student demand for online learning has been growing. Remote learning carries a different course structure, course teaching, and expectations for responsibilities and accountabilities from both students and instructors as compared to on-campus learning. Being able to adapt properly is critical toward positive student outcomes.

There’s no doubt that virtual labs are the least expensive option for students when looking at online learning. But are they the best option when considering learning outcomes and applying knowledge through hands-on experiences? The simple answer is “NO” because cheaper isn’t better.

We’ve brought on several instructors who have experience with both virtual labs as well as hands-on labs and they will share their perspectives on both options.

  • Going beyond the minimum requirement and lowest cost of virtual labs
  • Improving academic integrity through better student outcomes with hands-on lab experiences
  • Why students and instructors are moving away from virtual labs

There’s no doubt you’ll leave this roundtable with some interesting feedback from our conversation.

We’ll be looking for an interactive audience, so don’t be shy and engage during the chat and ask questions to our panelists.

Join us Wednesday, October 19th,  1:30 PM EST

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