Building better lives and a brighter future by empowering scientific literacy for learners everywhere.

To learn science, you need to do science. We empower our campus partners to deliver authentic lab experiences for every student through hands-on labs and world-class digital simulations that provide students with the knowledge and skills they need - no matter how far they are from campus.

About Us

Science Interactive elevates not only what students learn, but how they learn.

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We create opportunity through access & flexibility

Our solutions create access for students who want to learn, and choose to do so remotely, by providing flexible learning opportunities. Educators are able to serve a more diverse set of students, leading to improved student outcomes, retention and enrollment.
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We provide an authentic, hands-on learning experience through quality and rigor

Our hands-on experiments, adaptable curricula and integrated lab management platform deliver learning experiences as authentic as those in on-campus labs.  
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We support our partners through experience and reliability

We are experienced problem solvers who partner with our clients to provide personalized support and reliability. We meet our customers where they are today and work together to set the standard for what’s possible with online learning in the future.  
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Decades of experience promoting science education at all levels

Science Interactive was launched in 2019 by the combination of Hands on Labs and eScience Learning – the two leading at home science kit providers in the world. The real birth of this idea was in 1993 when Colorado Mountain College asked our founders to create a way to teach chemistry lab courses online. The response to the early kits was overwhelming and students were delighted to engage with labs on their own terms, from anywhere they were. 

Our experience across Science Interactive, Science First, and StarLab enables us to have a powerful impact on science education at all levels. From equipping K-12 and higher education classrooms with quality science equipment through Science First to facilitating unforgettable, immersive learning experiences with StarLab, we strive to empower students and educators to engage with science in new and exciting ways.

The Science Interactive Group

Building better lives and a brighter future by empowering scientific literacy for learners everywhere


Our Leadership Team

Science Interactive is led by an experienced group of education professionals striving to empower scientific literacy for learners everywhere. Our leaders have over a century of experience serving higher education and helping advance institutional goals and student outcomes. Now we are helping to reimagine online STEM education and empower scientific literacy for learners everywhere.