Hands-On Experiments for Online Science Courses

Your Lab Partner for Online Science Courses

Provide your online students with the engaging, hands-on learning experience they deserve with our comprehensive lab solutions that include real hands-on experiments, a rigorous digital curriculum, and an easy-to-use lab management platform across 11 disciplines.

Hands-On Experiments for Online Science Courses

Why Science Interactive?

We are a proud partner of over 850 colleges and universities who recognize the importance of providing
remote students with an effective lab learning environment. Our solution enables students to meet learning
objectives, improves professors’ ability to teach, and allows institutions to expand course offerings

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Anatomy Anatomy


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Our A&P lessons will guide your students as they model physiological processes and observe the structure of the human body. Whether the’re investigating prepared tissue slides or examining a brain through a powerful virtual dissection program, your students will discover the complexities of the body’s systems in their own homes.

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Geology Geology


Using our robust library of Geology lessons, students will gain hands-on experience investigating a wide range of topics, including rock formation, weathering, plate tectonics, and hydrology.

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Biology Biology


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With our wide array of innovative and classic biology lessons, your students will observe biological phenomena, generate testable hypotheses, collect and analyze data, and more.

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Genera, Organic and Biochemistry(GOB) General, Organic and Biochemistry(GOB)

General, Organic and Biochemistry(GOB)

GOB Chemistry combines the fundamentals of general, organic, and biochemistry, offering more than 30 lessons full of tactile experiments that students can conduct in their own home. Our experiment catalogue is ideal for non-chemistry majors and students majoring in health sciences.

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Chemistry Chemistry


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Investigate the structure, properties, and transformation of matter with our engaging chemistry lessons. Classic experiences include observing and describing chemical reactions, building molecular models, performing titrations, and identifying unknown chemicals.

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Microbiology Microbiology


With our sophisticated microbiology lessons, students will gain standard core competencies including methods for aseptic technique, collecting and incubating cultures, and describing and identifying microbes.

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Environmental Science Environmental Science

Environmental Science

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Our Environmental Science curriculum features an interdisciplinary blend of concepts in biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and mathematics. Through practical activities like calculating a carbon footprint and measuring water quality, students will address complex environmental problems including climate change, pollution, and conservation.

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Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

With Science Interactive’s Organic Chemistry curriculum, students will explore the components of life itself through the analysis of organic compounds and molecules. Chemicals are delivered in microscale quantities for safe use at home with minimal waste, and the included experiments teach students the techniques they’ll need to know to complete their chemistry training.

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Forensics Forensics


While working through our Forensics lessons, students will gain core competencies in cutting-edge skills such as crime-scene sketching, latent print detection, and spot-testing for explosive residues. They will use in-depth analyses of glass, hair, fibers, and soils to learn modern techniques as they engage in exciting investigations to determine how trace evidence is transferred between suspects, victims, and crime scenes.

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Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

Your students will dive into the exciting world of pharmacies as they gain core competencies including measuring, mixing, counting, labeling and recording correct dosages of prescription medication. Our hand-on lab kits will help your students develop critical skills such as compounding powder, solutions, suspensions and more!

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Physics Physics


With our hands-on physics lab kits and lessons, students will perform exciting examinations involving motion, electricity, simple machines, and optics. They will cover fundamental physics concepts while utilizing sophisticated lab-grade equipment, including capacitors, resistors, lenses, masses, and ramps.

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Before it became Science Interactive, I had been working with the folks at Hands on Labs since 2007 and I know that the success of our online laboratory-based science courses is due to this partnership. I serve on their Board of Advisers, and I help to support and extend their success to other institutions of higher learning.

Ocean County College, Professor

Science Interactive combines the best of Hands-On Labs, eScience and virtual science programs to deliver the most sophisticated lab experience in today’s world.

Dr. Brown
Top 40 Innovators in Education by Center for Digital Education

At what is considered a pioneer institution of higher learning, Science Interactive labs have been the difference between rural students earning a degree or not, while remaining at their homes and working full time. For many years, we were the only institution in our state (and that includes the Universities) who offered a virtual lab, so our enrollment was enhanced because of Science Interactive. Once students settle into the routine of trusting that they can complete a lab, have the support they need, and that they learn from it, they have really enjoyed learning the content at their own pace.

Miles Community College, Professor

I have been working with Science Interactive since 2006 – they have always been professional and responsive to the needs of my institution as well as my students. The quality of the lab kits that we employ is par none, and Science Interactive is very flexible when it comes to customizing these kits to align with the pedagogy of our classes.

Ocean Community College, Professor

I loved everything about it. I had everything I needed and the labs were easy to follow.

Prairie State College

Science Interactive provides the opportunity to offer our students the hands-on experience of science labs from the convenience of their homes. Their labs kits do a great job of providing students with a realistic environment that teaches critical skills required to learn various laboratory concepts and replicating the same learning experience they would have at a campus lab. The entire platform is user friends and students enjoy their experience using the kits and the educational online content. Both higher education online programs and online science students can benefit greatly from the integration of at-home lab kits into the curriculum.

Colorado Christian University, Professor

The kits I received were complete and greatly aided in my learning while enrolled in online lab courses.

Thomas Edison State University

Science Interactive has given our online students the hands-on experience that is needed in a chemistry laboratory. Students comment on how much they really enjoy the lab component of these courses and how much the lab experiments enhance what they are learning in our chemistry courses.

Pima Community College, Professor

As Covid-19 began, our Dean challenged us to deliver, a master course that matched what we were doing in the classroom face-to-face. Our goal was to have a hands-on activity for each of the 16 weeks of the term. This was impossible if students did not have the kits in their hands by day one. Thanks to Science Interactive, we were able to provide at-home kits to meet our goals, well in advance of the first day of the term, which helped minimize student issues. We also had the flexibility to supplement the need for tactile kits every week with digital lessons to help reduced the cost to the student substantially. Thank you again for all that you do. I look forward to working with Science Interactive in the future.

Coastline Community College, Professor

There is an abundance of support and the courses are also supported by all of the necessary materials.

LA Pacific University

I have been using Science Interactive for many years, even before the name change. What hasn’t changed is the great customer service. My rep is only a phone call or email away and always responds promptly. My students have reported being able to contact customer support easily. Their labs kits have allowed our institution to offer online courses without sacrificing the hands-on learning that occurs in the lab. There are a wide variety of kits available, including custom kits. The use of custom kits has allowed us to create kits that align with our competencies. I wouldn’t use any other company!

Des Moines Area Community College, Professor

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