With more than 65 online chemistry lab lessons to choose from, you can be confident you're delivering chem labs that are just as rigorous and high-quality as your on-campus labs. Our labs are based on extensive academic research, developed by scientists, peer-reviewed, and customizable to suit your needs.

Hands-on Chemistry Labs

With our broad range of innovative hands-on labs, your students will have the opportunity to observe chemical reactions, build molecular models, perform titrations, and identify unknown chemicals— just as they would in class. From an acid and bases experiment to an observing chemical reactions lab, you can: 

  • Create an active learning environment online that promotes deeper student engagement, critical thinking, and problem solving.
  • Give students the chance to use lab-grade materials and equipment that match the sophistication of a formal lab facility. 
  • Build hands-on kits using materials for advanced activities that require students to model complex chemical theories and investigate the transformation of matter.  

Virtual Chemistry Labs

Similarly, our virtual chemistry labs can supplement hands-on labs that require expensive equipment or materials and be used to cover fundamental concepts like the scientific method, graphing prep, or equation work. You might also consider using virtual labs as pre-lab work for in-person labs in order to better prepare students. From an chromatography lab simulation to an acid base titration simulation and stoichiometry simulation, students can run virtual chemistry labs an unlimited number of times in order to:

  • Manipulate different variables, re-run the experiment, and see different results, especially important for struggling students. 
  • Reinforce critical learning outcomes while exploring additional concepts that may not directly align with your course objectives.
  • Ensure practicality when it comes to costs and time.

Effective, High-Quality Chemistry Curriculum

Science Interactive develops the highest quality online curriculum for both hands-on labs and chemistry simulations.

  • Developed by PhD scientists, with measurable learning outcomes, detailed experimental protocols, and questions that tie into the core learning objectives. 
  • Reviewed by instructional designers for quality, accuracy, safety, and ADA compliance — and peer-reviewed by active biology professors for content accuracy.
  • Certified by Quality Matters to ensure the same standards of rigor and quality as on-campus chemistry lab courses.

Flexible Platform to Guide Students through Chemistry Labs Online

All of our online chemistry lab curriculum is turnkey and can be used in your course right away. We also make it easy to customize, infusing each lab with your own unique instructional style and outcomes. Our LMS-integrated lab management platform allows you to:

  • Customize any part of a lesson by adding or removing text, images, and videos to enhance lessons and guide students through each bio lab.
  • Assess student work with automatic grading for multiple choice.
  • Provide constructive feedback so each student can continue improving for the next lab.

Choose from 65 hands-on and digital Chemistry lessons

Acid-Base Chemistry
Analysis of Phosphate in Water
Anions, Cations, and Ionic Reactions
Antacid Analysis and Titration
Atoms, Isotopes, and Atomic Mass
Beer's Law
Biological Macromolecules
Boyle's Law
Caloric Content of Food
Chemical Reactions
Chromatography of Food Dyes
Colligative Properties and Osmotic Pressure
Dissolved Oxygen
Ideal Gas Law
Stoichiometry of a Precipitation Reaction

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