Authentic lab experiences just like they'd get on campus

Discover how Science Interactive can help you deliver engaging and rigorous hands-on lab experiences for your online students.

Lab Solutions Overview
450+Hands-on & digital experiments
11Customizable curriculum across 11 disciplines
0Safety incidents in 30 years

Make science interactive for online students

Image of Science Interactive hands-on lab kit
State-of-the-art quality lab kits

Hands-on lab kits for online science students

Simply select the experiments and lessons that align with your course objectives, and we’ll ship your students real lab-grade materials (that are safe to handle) straight to their doorsteps – or to their campus bookstores for pickup.
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Image of online curricula on laptop
Flexible digital curricula

Online curricula that support what you like to teach - and how

Developed by science educators for science instructors, our curricula are rigorously vetted by an expert panel and align with QM standards  to meet the standards of college-level courses.

With hands-on and digital experiments available across 11 disciplines, you can select the best blend of digital and hands-on lessons to meet your course goals – while staying within budget.

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Image of man on laptop using our Lab Management Platform
Lab management platform

Guide and assess students with our purpose-built platform

Our Lab Management Platform is a fully accessible system that allows you to guide learners of all abilities through online science labs – while making it quick and simple for you to assess their work.

With a seamless integration with your existing LMS, the platform is easy to use for both instructors and students alike.

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Image of gloves being put on - ensure safety at all times
Rigorous lab safety protocols

Ensure safety at all times for all students

All Science Interactive curricula are designed from the ground up with students’ safety in mind. This means that:

  • All lab materials are safety-controlled with chemicals available only in microscale quantities.
  • Each lab kit comes with the PPE materials students need for each experiment.
  • All students must complete mandatory safety training prior to their labs.

We also provide your institution with a certificate of liability that provides full coverage in the extremely unlikely event of a safety incident.

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