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We’re not here to replace your instruction; we’re here to amplify it. Throughout your career, you’ve already worked tirelessly to develop rigorous and engaging curriculum — there’s no reason you need to sacrifice what you’ve built when transitioning to an online classroom. Here are the specific steps we take to provide each educator with the sophistication, flexibility, and training they need to maintain control over their course content.

Course Design and Development

Course Design and Development

A Rigorous Digital Course Development Process

You’ve dedicated your life to education. You’ve studied it, discussed it, and practiced it, perhaps for decades. So naturally you want to make sure that the people who developed Science Interactive’s course content have done the same.

Don’t worry — we have.

In order to ensure that our hands-on lab experiments and digital science lessons meet or exceed the rigor of a face-to-face STEM course, we’ve assembled a team of higher education experts and developed a meticulous course content creation process for our curricula.

All of our course content is initially developed internally by PhD scientists with teaching experience. After that, it receives a preliminary internal review to verify that it meets our pedagogical best practices and strong standards before undergoing several comprehensive peer-reviews from external PhDs who are currently teaching at the college and university level. By the time our content reaches your students, it has passed through the critical filters of multiple experts in your field.

And it doesn’t stop there. In order to ensure that our content reflects the latest research and knowledge, we review our published courses regularly and make real-time updates through our cloud-based learning platform. We’re constantly working to both expand and enhance our offerings.

A Custom Course Builder

A common concern we hear from professors is that they don’t want to be limited by a set of pre-designed courses that include certain lessons and exclude others. Rather, they want the freedom to teach whatever they would in a face-to-face classroom.

That freedom is what we had in mind when we designed our intuitive custom course builder. Using this tool, you can browse our extensive library of more than 400 lessons across 10 science disciplines and mix-and-match the exact ones you want to teach. Or, to make things even easier, you can send in your current course syllabus and one of our distance-learning specialists will suggest the lessons from our library that match.

The SI Cloud e-Learning Platform

The SI Cloud e-Learning Platform

Sophisticated Instructional Design

An engaged student is a successful student. That’s why we aim to make the SI Cloud and the content it supports as interactive as possible. Working with instructional designers, user experience experts, and world-class developers, our team integrates best practices for science education into every corner of the distance learning platform, ensuring that the unique needs of both learners and instructors are supported from start to finish.

The platform is built on core educational principles and bolstered with an array of advanced helpful features such as a student dashboard, automatic grading, immediate assessment feedback, and gradebook analytics. This powerful delivery method, coupled with our sophisticated instructional design standards, ensures that your students can make clear and lasting connections between the learning material, the labs they perform, and how it all fits into the big picture.

Robust Customization Tools

We understand that you might want to add more of yourself, your knowledge, or your style to what we’ve provided. If you want to leave the lessons exactly as we’ve designed them, you absolutely can, but if you’d prefer to tailor the curriculum to meet your own teaching needs, we give you all the customization tools you need to do so.

One of the SI Cloud’s greatest assets is its Instructor Notes tool, which allows instructors to add text, photo, and video at any point throughout our lessons and procedures. Link a relevant local news story, add a helpful infographic, or upload a video of yourself singing the “The Elements” —whatever the situation, the Notes tool enables you to add to our course to make it your own.

By weaving your own instruction into our pre-existing lessons, you can gain a certain amount of pedagogical independence. But what if you want to take even more ownership over your content? That’s exactly why we’ve developed the SI Cloud’s custom lesson authoring feature, an intuitive tool that lets you develop your own science lessons to be inserted anywhere into an existing course.

The CLA tool gives you full authorial control over your content and allows you to design a wide variety of interactive exercises. We even offer free webinars in which our expert instructors will teach you the skills you need to create your dream lesson.

Intuitive Online Platform Features

With all the preparation that goes into teaching a college-level course, you already have enough on your professorial plate. That’s why we designed the SI Cloud with the goal of making your life easier.

With an accessible user dashboard and straightforward lesson breakdown, the platform is simple to navigate for both you and your students. And because it integrates seamlessly with your current LMS, you don’t have to worry about learning a completely new system. Instead, you can focus all your attention on what you do best: teaching.

Even if you do run into issues, you’ll be in good hands. Our Instructor Help Center is packed with helpful instructions, troubleshooting tips, and resource covering every feature of the SI Cloud, and our customer support team will be available to help make your experience as easy and efficient as possible. From answering student questions about their lab kits to supporting instructors like you as you deliver your course through the SI Cloud, our team is committed to making your experience seamless.

Resources and Partnerships for Continued Learning

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Resources and Partnerships for Continued Learning

Science Interactive Resources

While many instructors have experience with online instruction, others are attempting to navigate this medium for the very first time.

The last thing we want to add to your plate is the need to learn a completely new form of instruction on the fly. When you adopt the Science Interactive solution, you’re getting much more than just a product: you’re gaining a distance-learning partner. As a trusted leader in the distance-learning industry, we’ll be with you every step of the way to help you develop the skills you’ll need as an online instructor.

So what does that assistance actually look like? A major component is our instructor support team, which is committed to making your Science Interactive experience seamless. Our team of distance learning specialists will be available to help make your transition as easy and efficient as possible.

Science Interactive is constantly producing new resources to help instructors develop their online science instruction skills. In addition to our robust instructor help portal, we regularly publish a variety of blog posts, webinars, and Youtube videos to help you ensure that you’re getting the most out of our online lab solution.

Powerful Partnerships

When you choose Science Interactive, you’re not just adopting our online lab solution. You’re joining a team of powerful leaders within the distance learning industry. We strive to surround ourselves with the brightest, most innovative scientific minds, so we’ve developed partnerships with companies that are dedicated to enhancing the world of education through sophisticated technology and original solutions.

By teaming up with major innovators such as BioDigital and eScience Labs, we’re building a community of distance learning experts for you to consult as you build your online course. Not only that, but we’re also diversifying our selection of online learning tools to meet the needs of the ever-expanding distance learning education market.

With a wider variety of distance learning options such as virtual dissection suites and fully digital labs, we’re continuing to provide you with the flexibility you need to keep your course your course.

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