General, Organic, & Biochemistry

GOB Chemistry combines the fundamentals of general, organic, and biochemistry, offering more than 30 lessons full of tactile experiments that students can conduct in their own home. Our experiment catalogue is ideal for non-chemistry majors and students majoring in health sciences. These lessons help students meet the requirements for pre-nursing and other allied health professions.

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Anions, Cations, and Iconic Reactions
Calculating Carbohydrate Content
Caloric Content of Food
Chromatography of Food Dyes
Colligative Properties and Osmotic Pressure
Drawing Organic Compounds
Enzymes: Temperature, pH, and Specificity
Equilibrium and LeChatelier's Principle
Extraction of DNA
Hydrolysis of Acetylsalicylic Acid
Identification of Gases
Laboratory Techniques and Measurements
Macromolecules of Life - Amino Acids
Macromolecules of Life - Monosaccharides and Polysaccharides
Melting Points

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