Organic Chemistry

With Science Interactive’s Organic Chemistry curriculum, students will explore the components of life itself through the analysis of organic compounds and molecules. Chemicals are delivered in microscale quantities for safe use at home with minimal waste, and the included experiments teach students the techniques they’ll need to know to complete their chemistry training. Each lesson includes rigorous procedures, exploration content, and evaluations to ensure your students not only complete the experiment, but understand and can apply its concepts.

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Chromatography of Food Dyes
Drawing Organic Compounds
Green Chemistry and Le Chatelier's Principle
Hydrolysis of Acetylsalicylic Acid
Infrared Spectroscopy
Isolation and Purification of Caffeine
Macromolecules of Life - Monosaccharides & Polysaccharides
Melting Points
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Properties and Reactions of Alcohols
Solubility of Compounds
Stereochemistry 1: Structural Isomerism
Stereochemistry 2: Stereoisomerism
Synthesis and Analysis of Soap

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