How to Deliver Quality Physical Science Labs Online

Learn how you can revolutionize your online Physical Science labs! Hear insights from Jordan Adams, PhD, Assistant Professor at Delgado Community College, on designing impactful online courses with a mix of hands-on and virtual labs. You'll leave with practical tips and strategies for launching high-quality labs, replicating real-world experiences, engaging students, and streamlining guidance and assessment. Don't miss this transformative event!

We know replicating an on-campus Physical Science lab experience online is challenging, from ensuring the same level of quality and rigor to feeling limited in options when it comes to curriculum. But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore! During this webinar, we’re introducing the latest Quality Matters-certified discipline to the Science Interactive library: Physical Science. Now with 40 hands-on and digital labs developed specifically for Physical Science, you can show your students how kinematics applies to everyday situations or how to calculate velocity using the motion of points, bodies, and systems — and more.

You’ll also hear from Jordan Adams, PhD, Assistant Professor of Geology at Delgado Community College. Jordan will share how she has designed her physical science course so her online students can participate in authentic lab experiences. She’ll highlight how she has leveraged an intentional mix of virtual and hands-on labs to build a richer experience while expanding access to hands-on learning opportunities for more students. She’ll also share practical tips and strategies for supporting student success based on how she has evolved her online course.

You’ll leave this webinar with better insight into how to:

  1. Launch high-quality online Physical Science lab courses
  2. Replicate a real-world lab experience using hands-on kits made for Physical Science
  3. Engage students using a mix of hands-on & virtual labs
  4. Guide and assess students more easily