How to Shift Your Earth Science Course Online Without Losing Quality

Say goodbye to piecing together disparate lessons and struggling to procure lab kits. During this 45 minute recorded webinar, you'll learn how to replicate real-world experiences using hands-on kits, engage students with a mix of hands-on and virtual labs, and enhance your ability to guide and assess students effectively. You'll leave feeling empowered to launch high-quality online Earth Science lab courses.

We know replicating an on-campus Earth Science lab experience online is challenging. From ensuring the same level of quality and rigor to feeling limited in options when it comes to curriculum, you’re often left cobbling together lessons from Geology and Environmental Science while also figuring out how to get lab kits and materials to students.

It doesn’t have to be like that anymore! In this webinar, we introduce the latest addition to the Science Interactive library: Earth Science. Now with 30+ hands-on and digital labs  developed specifically for Earth Science, you’ll be able to engage your students in deep mineral and rock identification labs, explore landform development, examine the effects of weathering and erosion, and investigate the causes and impact of climate change, among other key topics.

Watch for better insight into how to:

  1. Launch high-quality online Earth Science lab courses
  2. Replicate a real-world lab experience using hands-on kits made for Earth Science
  3. Engage students using a mix of hands-on & virtual labs
  4. Guide and assess students more easily