Promoting Active Learning in Online Science with the Right Tools & Practical Strategies

Learn how to foster interactive learning opportunities in your online science courses during this one-hour webinar. You'll leave with practical tips and insights on the kind of tools that most effectively power an authentic online lab experience for your students.

Expanding science courses online presents a unique set of challenges — as well as opportunities. From ensuring the same quality and rigor as on-campus lab courses to tailoring the curriculum and level of difficulty for majors and non-majors, there are a lot of moving parts for instructors to think about. At the same time, online science labs offer programs a rich opportunity to expand access to science education while boosting enrollment. With a comprehensive approach to shifting science lab courses online, you can be sure you’re offering students a learning experience comparable to the in-person lab experience, engaging learners more deeply in course content, and supporting learner success.

During this session, you’ll hear from an instructor from Columbus State Community College who will share her approach for fostering interactive learning opportunities in her online science courses, including using hands-on and virtual labs to increase learner engagement, providing student feedback for improvement, soliciting feedback for lesson improvement, and encouraging learners to use multimedia to introduce themselves, drive discussion, and connect more meaningfully to build community with other learners in the course. You’ll leave this webinar with a host of practical tips as well as insight on the kind of tools that can power an effective and authentic online lab experience for learners.