Putting Theory into Action: How Virtual Pre-labs Better Prepare Students for In-Person Labs

During this webinar, our Chief Academic Officer shares how you can use Science Interactive’s new Virtual Pre-labs to take student pre-lab work for on-campus labs to new heights.

Are you spending too much time during in-person labs reminding students of basic concepts, procedures, and safety protocols? Do you find your students aren’t as prepared or confident as they should be during the lab? Now add in the physical lab availability and space constraints you contend with, and it becomes difficult to ensure those 2 to 3 hours per week with students are as productive as possible.

But with Virtual Pre-labs, your productivity is about to skyrocket! It’s an opportunity to spend your valuable lab time deepening student learning and teaching critical competencies. During this webinar, we share how you can use Science Interactive’s Virtual Pre-labs to take student pre-lab work to new heights. You’ll see how instructors can use Pre-labs to:

  1. Train students in conducting experiments and course-correct problems before students ever even enter the lab
  2. Increase student confidence and preparation for the in-person lab
  3. Save time by introducing lab techniques, equipment, materials, standard protocols, and safety measures
  4. Reinforce theoretical concepts

Instead of simply checking the box by completing the pre-lab in a printed lab manual, your students have the chance to conduct trial experiments as many times as they want, as they build confidence in their abilities and start to engage more deeply with course material…And that’s all before they even set up at their lab benches.