Unsure about Online Lab Science Courses?

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We know that not every student has the capability to attend science courses in-person. That is why it has been our mission to provide all students, regardless of the major they pursue, quality remote science labs. Sound too good to be true? We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions instructors have when considering moving their lab science courses online.

Increase student engagement during courses How can I provide affordable lab kits for my online students?

From inflation to high labor demands, institutions are facing multiple challenges when it comes to student enrollment and retention. When students factor in the expenses of commuting, work schedules, finding childcare, etc., the cost to attend a course in a traditional class setting is often prohibitive. Students today are looking for the flexibility that online education offers and will.

Plus, with our robust library of lessons, we give instructors the flexibility to choose hands-on, virtual, or a combination of both in a single course, which can also help keep costs affordable.

The Engaging Quality of a Face-to-Face Learning Environment How can I ensure that my online students are doing their own work?

We take learning seriously, so we have developed several tools to ensure academic integrity for your lessons.

As an instructor, the lab management platform gives you the ability to customize questions within the lesson each semester to prevent answer sharing. In addition, the instructor dashboard displays student logins and how much time each student spends on a lesson to ensure the individual is the one completing their work. Students are also required to upload personalized photos of their work for various lessons.

A Custom Course Builder Do online lab science courses have similar academic rigor as face-to-face course?

We are committed to helping instructors deliver quality science education to students regardless of their location or life circumstance. That is why all our lessons are developed by in-house Ph.D. scientists and reviewed by a board of active professors who are experts in their field.

In addition, we proudly submit our lessons to Quality Matters, an esteemed review and certification board, to ensure our curriculum meets or exceeds the rigorous standards that produce exceptional learning outcomes.

Keeping Your Online Science Students Safe How can science labs be done safely in a remote environment?

When designing our lab lessons and kits, safety is our number one priority. In order to unlock the main course content, students must complete a lab safety lesson; this includes how to prepare their lab space, proper clothing and PPE requirements, best practices in handling materials, and more!

In addition, we limit our toxicity by utilizing formalin-free materials and non-virulent microbes. Safety data sheets (SDS) are also available for the chemicals in our lab kits. For our chemistry labs, we adhere to the principles of Green Chemistry as described by the American Chemical Society to help reduce waste and minimize interaction with hazardous substances.

Flexible Lab Solutions For Both Majors and Non-Majors

A Rigorous Digital Course Development Process Do course credits transfer for those students using Science Interactive lab kits?

The ability to transfer varies from state to state and institution to institution. However, our kits are a great resource for your class and qualify as physical lab work as your students are conducting real experiments and gaining hands-on skills.

Also, you can be assured that you are providing your students with a quality science education because we have our lessons independently reviewed by Quality Matters, a renowned organization that evaluates our curriculum with a nationally recognized set of standards for higher-ed.

How do I get the faculty in my department to support online science programs?

Switching from in-person courses to online may seem overwhelming to some faculty members. Our comprehensive lab solutions equip instructors flexibility to customize their course to fit their learning objectives, easy-to-use lab management platform and both student and instructor customer support. With our simple set-up process, courses can be online in a matter of a few days!

Safe Lab Materials and Protocols We designed our own lab kits around the course, why do we need anything else?

We understand that change is not always easy, but creating your own lab kits is also not easy. When you partner with Science Interactive, you unlock the expertise and purchasing power of a world-class science education company. From personal protective equipment to small scale quantities of chemicals, we save you valuable time looking for lab-grade materials and equipment for every student enrolled in your course. Plus, our kits are specifically designed for students to conduct sophisticated lab experiments safely from their own homes, helping to alleviate stress so you can focus on what you do best–teaching science.

Lab Safety First Why should I purchase your kits, when we can find some components at the local grocery store?

Most students that choose to take an online course do so because it allows them to have a more flexible schedule to complete their assignments around work or other commitments. Providing pre-made lab kits provides your students with everything they need to complete their experiments all in one package. They don’t have to worry about driving from store to store trying to find the items they need. In addition, we also ensure that our kits provide just the right amount of tools, specimens, and chemicals (as needed) for students to successfully complete their experiment and achieve their learning objectives.

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