How to grow student enrollment with high-quality lab courses

Struggling with offering the right mix of online, hybrid, and on-campus lab courses for your program? Let us share our insights and best practices based on our work with dozens of Texas Community Colleges that are growing enrollment while ensuring quality across all lab courses.

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  • How to overcome common challenges, such as
    quality and rigor
  • Best practices for shifting science courses online
  • Ways to ensure affordability and accessibility for all students

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Ensuring Quality in Flexible Learning

As student demand for flexibility continues to grow, many Texas Community Colleges are evolving their programs to offer a mix of online, hybrid, and on-campus courses – all while ensuring courses are delivering the maximum value for students.

The good news is: dozens of Texas Community Colleges have already found ways to balance flexibility, quality, and rigor. And we want to share those insights with you!

With flexibility comes challenges

As a Texas Community College academic leader, you have to:

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Grow student enrollment

(at a time when overall college enrollment is
declining across the US)

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Maintain quality and rigor

(to meet transferability requirements and ensure students are prepared for their futures)

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Support faculty with resources & training

(and sometimes shift faculty perception about how courses can be delivered)

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Meet Dr. Caitlin Runne-Janczy

Dr. Runne-Janczy and her team of scientists work with hundreds of colleges & universities across the US, helping them navigate common challenges to expand their science programs.

Dr. Runne-Janczy oversees all of Science Interactive’s curricula development and lab creation. She and her team have built over 450 hands-on and virtual labs across 13 Quality Matters-certified disciplines.

Schedule a strategy session with her today!