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Make science interactive for Texas community college students

Creating engaging and high-quality labs is easier than you think. With Science Interactive, you can:

  • Deliver hands-on labs online 
  • Support hybrid learning 
  • Enrich on-campus labs 

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Balance accessibility, affordability, and academic rigor

Texas community colleges serve as vital gateways to higher education for a diverse student body. And with the growing demand for online science courses and limited lab space, it’s difficult to provide programs that cater to a wide range of student needs, deliver on learning outcomes, and are budget friendly. 

 Science Interactive helps you deliver engaging labs online and on-campus, so you can ensure your students are prepared to continue their academic journey wherever it takes them. 

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Delivering interactive lab experiences
has never been easier.

With Science Interactive, you can:

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Take the lab anywhere with hands-on lab kits

Give your students authentic, hands-on lab experiences so they can gain the critical skills they need wherever they’re learning from.

  • Choose from ready-to-go lab kits designed by our team of PhD scientists, or design your own.

  • All kits contain college-grade lab materials at a scale that students can handle safely.

  • Kits are shipped directly to your students or your campus bookstore.

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Think out of the box with virtual simulations

In combination with hands-on labs, virtual simulations help your students grasp concepts and phenomena that are too abstract to learn from a textbook, or too difficult or too dangerous to observe in real-time.

  • Perfect for teaching abstract concepts such as climate change, evolution, or light rays and radio waves.

  • Let students repeat experiments as many times as they need to deepen their learning and foster confidence in their abilities.

  • Help students grasp basic lab techniques and safety procedures in a safe, low-stakes environment.

  • Reduce the need to purchase or rent expensive scientific equipment and materials for a single lab.
Picture of science equipment - students receive their kits in less than 5 business days

Reinforce learning with OpenStax textbook integration

Easily pair hundreds of labs across 6 Quality Matters-certified scientific disciplines with corresponding content from OpenStax textbooks.

  • Let students switch seamlessly between their labs and OpenStax textbooks as they complete their experiments.

  • Help students make better connections between theoretical concepts they read about and their hands-on and virtual labs.

  • Help students get unstuck when they have questions by guiding them to relevant reading.
Image of students and charts - guide your students through their labs

Let students prepare ahead of on-campus labs with virtual pre-labs

Support students for success by letting them conduct trial
experiments in a low-stakes environment – before they enter the lab. With virtual pre-labs, students can:

  • Conduct trial experiments freely in a low-stakes environment, with no risk to themselves, others, or expensive lab equipment.

  • Learn theory, lab procedures, and safety protocols – and gain confidence in applying them.

  • Run virtual experiments as many times as they need, increasing their engagement and deepening their understanding of their learning.

  • Maximize the productivity and impact of every hands-on or on-campus lab as they’ll be well-prepared ahead of time.
Picture of science equipment - students receive their kits in less than 5 business days

Access and manage everything in one platform

With all your lab content in one place, students can easily and quickly access what they need for their labs—and you can easily guide them through their learning.

  • Customize your lessons to align with your course by adding text, photos, or video content in a few easy clicks.

  • Meets WCAG 2.1 AA standards for accessibility for all skill levels.

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing LMS and your gradebook.

See how your course aligns with our Quality-Matters certified disciplines

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Instructors at dozens of Texas Community Colleges are already using Science Interactive

See how Science Interactive is helping them seamlessly deliver deeply engaging labs to students from all walks of life.

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Make learning
science accessible
to more students

With hands-on and virtual labs paired with OpenStax textbooks, students can complete foundational coursework and prerequisites at a lower cost.

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Integrate labs seamlessly with your LMS

Integrating with all your lab course materials and your LMS, Science Interactive makes teaching and learning science wonderfully easy.

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Ensure quality and rigor no matter where your students are

All labs have been peer- reviewed by PhD scientists for accuracy, and every discipline is Quality Matters-certified.

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Tailor your labs to teach your way

Pick and choose between the hands-on and virtual labs that you want to align with your course objectives—and how you love to teach.

Create engaging lab experiences that prepare Texas
community college students for their journey ahead

Bring the joy of learning science to your college students with easily accessible,
and academically rigorous labs.