Be The First To Teach GOB Chemistry Labs Completely Online!

Written by SI • March 5, 2019 •  < 1 min read

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Be The First To Teach GOB Chemistry Labs Completely Online! Featured Image

General, organic, and biochemistry (GOB) is a new chemistry discipline that has been gaining quick popularity. As the leading provider of distance lab kits, we had to jump on this new exciting adventure. Since distance and online education is growing every year, we want to ensure that the right products are out there for educators to complete their mission. GOB chemistry is a discipline that is specifically modeled for students that are non-chemistry majors, and that is exactly what we had in mind when forming our kits.

While we still offer our chemistry kits, the GOB chemistry kits specifically teach this target audience, with an emphasis on students majoring in health sciences. We have changed our chemistry curriculum and language around to be perfect for a one- or two-semester course for students that are not STEM-oriented and don’t need to get into the “nitty-gritty” of chemistry.

With 32 unique lab lessons offered, our GOB course will teach students about:

  • Performing measurements using a graduated cylinder, volumetric flask, and other instruments.
  • How molecules are modeled with Lewis Dot Structures and VSEPR models.
  • How ionic and molecular compounds are named.
  • Concepts surrounding the mole.
  • The classification of alcohols and other properties.
  • And much more!

We are incredibly excited about this new kit and curriculum for chemistry professors and instructors!