We’re Ready for Spring Semester!

Written by SI • December 17, 2020 •  < 1 min read

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We’re Ready for Spring Semester! Featured Image

Dear Professors, 

After a historic year for everyone in the education field, I want to take a minute and personally thank you for your partnership with Science Interactive (Hands-On Labs and eScience Labs).  

This year brought our long-standing love of innovation to new heights as we served a record number of students and institutions. In order to accomplish this, we restructured nearly everything about how we operate, from course development to kitting capacity to quality control.  

In fact, our ability to build and ship kits has grown so much this year that we are now significantly ahead of schedule for Springwe’ve already built the majority of our expected orders for next semester. As such, I am very happy to invite you to expand your partnership with us for Spring and Summer—our team is standing by to help you with increased enrollment, additional sections, new courses, or exploring new disciplines as needed.   

If you have any questions about the changes we’ve made recently, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your account manager is happy to discuss our new processes and can even show you some of our brand-new lessons, disciplines, and other offerings that launched this year. 

Thank you again for your continued partnership; we look forward to serving you and your students through 2021 and beyond with the highest quality curriculum and lab experiences available. 



Best wishes and happy holidays, 


Tim Loomer
CEO, Science Interactive Group