HAPS 2015 a Huge Success

Written by SI • June 5, 2015 •  < 1 min read
HAPS 2015 a Huge Success Featured Image

HOL exhibited and presented two workshops at the HAPS 29th Annual Conference in San Antonio.

Beyond the Hype: Three Types of “Must-Have” Data

New technologies are all the rage. Today’s tools claim to drive retention and student engagement. But are we getting the data we need? How can data truly ignite actions that improve educational effectiveness? This workshop will help educators work smarter, not harder by teaching them how to get the three types of data they need to track student knowledge gain, apply actionable analytics in the A&P classroom, and predict trends in a larger population of students. We’ll cover all the basics, from generating quantifiable learning objectives to analyzing student performance. Come ready to proof out your best teaching practices!

Avoiding CATastrophe: Distance Labs that Rock

Science in the distance classroom is often belittled, frowned upon, and outright argued against. “How could we ever create an online lab course better than the traditional classroom?!” Join this workshop for a lively discussion about ways that distance labs trump traditional labs. Leave prepared to convince your skeptical colleagues. The conversation will be modeled around cat dissections, and we’ll cover: (1) Learning Anytime, Anywhere, (2) The Un-Diluted Experience, (3) Lengthy Activities, (4) Having it All in One Place.