A&P Curriculum Receives Quality Matters Certification

Written by SI • November 1, 2021 •  < 1 min read

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A&P Curriculum Receives Quality Matters Certification Featured Image

Quality Matters Recognizes Our A&P Curriculum for Highest Quality

At Science Interactive, we are committed to ensuring that we develop online science content focused on providing the highest levels of student learning and engagement. We are happy to share that our Anatomy and Physiology curriculum has earned the certification of “high quality” by Quality Matters!

Why Does That Matter?

Quality Matters (QM) is an internationally recognized non-profit group that conducts a lengthy and detailed review process that rates the excellence of online education programs.  The rubric that Quality Matters uses looks not only at the suitability of the material itself, but also how it is presented to instructors and students. What this means is that our rigorous and thorough Anatomy & Physiology content is supported and delivered by tools and systems that are proven to drive student engagement and success!

And the best part? This is just the beginning!
We are continually refining our curriculum, and everyone here at Science Interactive looks forward to telling you more great news about certifications and recognition we expect in the future!