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Discipline Webinar Series: Microbiology Live Demo

During our Microbiology Lab Live Demo you will delve into the world of microorganisms with our rigorous selection of labs with our resident chief scientist, Dr. Duane Cagle and our in-house distance learning specialists.

  • Conceptualize HOL Cloud’s 3E instructional model and how it supports active, constructivist learning in an online setting.
  • Explore our sophisticated microbiology lessons and how students gain standard core competencies including methods for culturing microbes, aseptic transfer, differential staining, and biochemical testing.
  • Learn how to customize your microbiology course and its corresponding lab kits with either non-virulent sterile microbe cultures or those utilizing environmentally collected samples.
  • Investigate the features in our powerful e-learning platform, HOL Cloud, that make teaching and learning microbiology online a seamless experience for both student and instructor.