Science Interactive Launches Two New Quality-Matters Certified Disciplines for the Largest Library of Hands-on & Digital Lab Curricula Available

Written by SI • February 22, 2024 •  2 min read

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Science Interactive Launches Two New Quality-Matters Certified Disciplines for the Largest Library of Hands-on & Digital Lab Curricula Available Featured Image

With the launch of new Earth and Physical Science disciplines, Science Interactive is the only online lab provider offering curriculum developed purposefully for these disciplines and certified by Quality Matters.

ENGLEWOOD, CO —February 22, 2024—Science Interactive, a leader in supporting effective online science education, recently launched curricula for online Earth Science and Physical Science lab courses. With this launch, Science Interactive now offers more than 500 hands-on and digital labs across 13 different disciplines—all of which are certified by Quality Matters, the leading global organization for quality assurance in online teaching and learning.  

Unlike many other offerings, Science Interactive’s hands-on and digital lessons for Earth and Physical Science are purpose-built for each discipline. Both disciplines also successfully achieved Quality Matters certification. This means instructors can be confident that with this curricula, they are teaching the critical skills and concepts online students need to achieve learning outcomes and course competencies. Plus, the hands-on kits for each discipline are ready made with the highest quality materials, customizable for instructor needs, and can ship directly to students — eliminating the sourcing and logistical challenges many programs face. 

Whether instructors are looking to better support students pursuing degrees in the sciences or provide non-major students with a quality experience and opportunity to better understand the world around us, online programs have an opportunity to reach a wider pool of students, including both non-traditional and underrepresented populations. The challenge is providing those students with the same quality experience as on-campus students. 

Science Interactive has worked with thousands of institutions over the last 30 years to reach more students with quality online science courses. Now as the only provider with curriculum developed specifically for online Earth and Physical Science courses, Science Interactive makes it easier for programs to recreate the hands-on lab experience online. Instructors can elevate the online learning experience, and students gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills—no matter where they’re learning from.

“With no other physical science labs online at Greenville Technical College at the time, I thought I could capture a sizable portion of enrollment with a hands-on component in my online science course. The quality and affordability of Science Interactive’s kits, the care they put into their curriculum development, and the flexibility of their lab management platform are far beyond any other solution. I’m able to offer my students the same kind of instruction and rigor they would receive in a face-to-face lab. In fact, when I teach my lab in person, I still use Science Interactive to support their learning, and having students buy their kits means I don’t have to maintain the lab materials myself. It’s a win-win,” said Amy Daniels, Assistant Dean & Geology Instructor at Greenville Technical College.

All Science Interactive curricula, including Earth and Physical Science lessons, are developed by in-house PhD scientists, who design every lab with measurable learning outcomes. Science Interactive’s team of instructional designers test those labs for quality, accuracy, repeatability, safety & ADA compliance. Instructors currently teaching those courses then peer-review the labs. Lessons are reviewed regularly and designed with built-in flexibility so instructors can customize any component to suit their needs and course objectives. 

“Our mission is to empower scientific literacy for learners everywhere by helping institutions expand access to their science programs, including earth and physical science courses. We want instructors to have the right resources to deliver an engaging and meaningful online lab experience that supports better outcomes and student success rates, without having to sacrifice the quality of an in-person learning experience,” said Science Interactive’s Chief Executive Officer, Sasha Peterson.

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