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Easy-to-Use, Award-Winning Platform
An award-winning platform for facilitating your course.

An award-winning lab management platform for facilitating your course.

We believe the logistics of online lab learning shouldn’t be your burden — as an instructor, you should be able to focus on what you do best: teaching. That’s why we are the only lab provider to offer a lab management platform designed specifically for teaching science online — the lab management platform is built around your unique needs, so it is easy to learn and manage. This, combined with best-in-class physical lab kits, creates the best possible remote hands-on learning environment for students to learn science.

With an arsenal of integrated features such as a student dashboard, automatic grading, immediate assessment feedback, and gradebook analytics, our ADA-compliant system aims to optimize your time spent educating the scientists of tomorrow.

intuitive Intuitive Navigation
Intuitive Navigation

User-friendly Education Technology

With all the preparation and work that goes into teaching a college-level course, you have enough on your professorial plate. That’s why we designed our lab management platform, SI Cloud, with the goal of making your life easier. Featuring an accessible user dashboard and straightforward lesson breakdowns, the platform is simple to navigate for both you and your students. And because it integrates seamlessly with your current LMS, you can focus all your attention on what you do best: teaching.

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Engaging Pedagogy Engaging Pedagogy
Remote Lab Lessons, Without Any Sacrifice

Keep your students engaged with our interactive platform.

Working with instructional designers, user experience experts, and world-class developers, our team integrated best practices for science pedagogy into every corner of our system. Our lab management platform, SI Cloud, is built on core educational principles and bolstered with an array of advanced helpful features. This powerful delivery method, coupled with our rigorous instructional design standards, ensures that your students can make lasting connections between the learning material, the labs they perform, and how it all fits into the big picture.

Lesson Library
Customization Tools Customization Tools
Customization Tools

Customize your course experience.

Every teacher is different, and we know that you might want to add more of yourself, your knowledge, and your style to what we’ve provided. With the Instructor Notes tool, you can do just that. Add text, photos, or video at any point within our pre-designed lessons. If you want to take even more ownership over your content, you can use our Custom Lesson Authoring (CLA) tool to seamlessly integrate your own lesson or experiment into our lab management platform. This is academic flexibility at its finest.

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Seamless Course Management Seamless Course Management
Seamless Course Management

Specially designed with instructors like you in mind.

When you use the SI Cloud lab management platform, you’re not signing up for some generic course platform that you have to force to your lessons into. The SI Cloud is the only lab management platform built by lab science instructors for lab science instructors. Our engineers and Ph.D. scientists collaborate to ensure the lab management platform stays focused on best practices for online pedagogy. Nowhere else will you find a lab management platform specially tailored to the lessons it’s delivering, giving you seamless control over your digital lab science classroom.

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ADA Compliance

Science Interactive’s ADA-Compliant Inclusive Design.

At Science Interactive, we believe that science is for everyone. This the driving force behind our dedication to developing content that is fully accessible to all students, no matter where they are or what accommodations they need.

Our lab management platform (the SI Cloud), and every lesson in our library all go through several stages of rigorous testing to ensure that they are fully ADA-compliant. This means that all of your content with Science Interactive meets WCAG 2.0 AA standards for accessibility, and gives every student the ability to unlock everything that a science education has to offer. 

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Advanced Features

The lab management platform was developed by science instructors with one goal in mind

Making the transition to online lab learning a seamless experience

Find the Course For You

Anatomy Anatomy


This certification mark recognizes that this course met Quality Matters Review Standards.

Our A&P lessons will guide your students as they model physiological processes and observe the structure of the human body. Whether the’re investigating prepared tissue slides or examining a brain through a powerful virtual dissection program, your students will discover the complexities of the body’s systems in their own homes.

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Geology Geology


Using our robust library of Geology lessons, students will gain hands-on experience investigating a wide range of topics, including rock formation, weathering, plate tectonics, and hydrology.

Learn more
Biology Biology


This certification mark recognizes that this course met Quality Matters Review Standards.

With our wide array of innovative and classic biology lessons, your students will observe biological phenomena, generate testable hypotheses, collect and analyze data, and more.

Learn more
Genera, Organic and Biochemistry(GOB) General, Organic and Biochemistry(GOB)

General, Organic and Biochemistry(GOB)

GOB Chemistry combines the fundamentals of general, organic, and biochemistry, offering more than 30 lessons full of tactile experiments that students can conduct in their own home. Our experiment catalogue is ideal for non-chemistry majors and students majoring in health sciences.

Learn more
Chemistry Chemistry


This certification mark recognizes that this course met Quality Matters Review Standards.

Investigate the structure, properties, and transformation of matter with our engaging chemistry lessons. Classic experiences include observing and describing chemical reactions, building molecular models, performing titrations, and identifying unknown chemicals.

Learn more
Microbiology Mircobiology


With our sophisticated microbiology lessons, students will gain standard core competencies including methods for aseptic technique, collecting and incubating cultures, and describing and identifying microbes.

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Environmental Science Environmental Science

Environmental Science

This certification mark recognizes that this course met Quality Matters Review Standards.

Our Environmental Science curriculum features an interdisciplinary blend of concepts in biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and mathematics. Through practical activities like calculating a carbon footprint and measuring water quality, students will address complex environmental problems including climate change, pollution, and conservation.

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Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

With Science Interactive’s Organic Chemistry curriculum, students will explore the components of life itself through the analysis of organic compounds and molecules. Chemicals are delivered in microscale quantities for safe use at home with minimal waste, and the included experiments teach students the techniques they’ll need to know to complete their chemistry training.

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Forensics Forensics


While working through our Forensics lessons, students will gain core competencies in cutting-edge skills such as crime-scene sketching, latent print detection, and spot-testing for explosive residues. They will use in-depth analyses of glass, hair, fibers, and soils to learn modern techniques as they engage in exciting investigations to determine how trace evidence is transferred between suspects, victims, and crime scenes.

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Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

Your students will dive into the exciting world of pharmacies as they gain core competencies including measuring, mixing, counting, labeling and recording correct dosages of prescription medication. Our hand-on lab kits will help your students develop critical skills such as compounding powder, solutions, suspensions and more!

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Physics Physics


With our hands-on physics lab kits and lessons, students will perform exciting examinations involving motion, electricity, simple machines, and optics. They will cover fundamental physics concepts while utilizing sophisticated lab-grade equipment, including capacitors, resistors, lenses, masses, and ramps.

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Before it became Science Interactive, I had been working with the folks at Hands on Labs since 2007 and I know that the success of our online laboratory-based science courses is due to this partnership. I serve on their Board of Advisers, and I help to support and extend their success to other institutions of higher learning.

Ocean County College, Professor

Science Interactive combines the best of Hands-On Labs, eScience and virtual science programs to deliver the most sophisticated lab experience in today’s world.

Dr. Brown
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